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Pay for sports bets by mobile phone

Pay for sports bets by mobile phone: And win money?

Paying sports bets via mobile phone is possible without any problems. Most providers offer the possibility to access the entire offer via smartphone and place sports bets. Either via a mobile website or app. Here there may be differences for the operating system, such as iOS and Android.

What does sports betting via mobile phone mean?

The topic of paying sports bets by mobile phone can be explained in different ways. On the one hand there would be the topic of deposit. Or sports betting via mobile payment. In order to be successful with your bets, you must deposit money. If you have access via your smartphone, this is easily possible with various methods. What these are, for example, in a betting provider comparison topic will be.

Otherwise it is about placing a sports bet. If you want to place a bet with the bookmaker of your choice via one of the available sports betting apps or when accessing a mobile website, you have to click on a odds. This is listed in the betting slip. You decide on a bet and place the bet.

Pay for sports bets with your mobile phone: What is the exact procedure?

When it comes to paying sports bets by mobile phone, you must first register with a bookmaker on the Internet. If this process is over, you have an account for sports betting online. Now you have to deposit money. A sports bet deposit by mobile phone bill would be unusual. But you can use one of the available methods when accessing with your smartphone. For example a credit card, a bank transfer, the Paysafecard and much more. Maybe even PayPal. Once the money is in your account, you can place your sports bets. A special mobile payment method is not necessary. You can read a lot about this topic. One keyword is Paybox. But that doesn't usually matter for sports betting.

What mobile phone models are meant?

The topic is sports betting deposit by mobile phone bill. First of all, you need to know how to access the betting provider's offer with your mobile phone. This must, of course, be connected to the Internet. If there is a mobile website, open the website via the browser at the normal address. If there is an app, you need to install it. Make sure you have the correct operating system. For Android, recognizable by the symbol of a small robot, you need to download a data package from the site. For example, Samsung mobile phones use this operating system. Apple's is called iOS. If there's an app, it's usually available from the iTunes Store. Otherwise, the Windows Phone can also be called, but direct apps are rare. Log in and make your deposit or bet directly.

League of legends - a phenomenon in eSports

On October 19, 2014, at the 2002 World Cup stadium in Seoul, the World Championships in League of Legends were held, a competitive online video game developed by the U.S. company Riot Games. 38 million people watched the event in streaming (with peaks of 8 million viewers simultaneously), 40 thousand people went to see the event live and filled the entire stadium. The cash prize for the winners was one million dollars.

What exactly is the League of Legends?

It's a free online strategic video game. It is often referred to as LoL and is part of the MOBA genre, another acronym for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena and is the largest and most popular eSport (electronic sport, or: competitive video game) that exists at the moment.

In the most popular League of Legends game mode, you play in 10 players, divided into two teams of 5. Each player controls a character (called champion) with unique skills. The aim of the game is to work together to destroy the base of the opposing team and, at the same time, defend their own. It's a bit like five-a-side football, only instead of scoring goals, players have to chop up a giant crystal in the enemy base. And hinder each other to prevent opponents from reaching their own crystal.

It's a team sport and it's a strategy sport. It's a team sport because each champion has a specific role. Just as in football there are goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and attackers. Coordinating roles, and assisting each other to complete the objectives necessary to advance in the arena of play to the enemy base is crucial to winning. And it's a strategy sport because, at each game, players must choose five champions from the more than 100 available. As when a coach completely reorganizes his team - not only by adapting strategies but also by choosing the most suitable players - to better oppose opponents and have a better chance of winning. From this point of view, League of Legends is similar to rugby: you play centimetre by centimetre, and the differences between skills and statistics of the champions can change the outcome of a game.

Why is it such a popular game?

It's a free-to-play game. It means that anyone can download the game for free and start playing (in peak hours there are over eight million players playing League of Legends at the same time). it's very easy to start playing but it's incredibly difficult to win, because it's a video game where a lot of factors, tactics and coordination come into play and lead to success or failure. In addition, all players start from scratch at every game: League of Legends has a system of power-ups that are unlocked as the game progresses, but at every match, they all start from scratch. All that matters is the player's skill and intelligence.

But is it really a sport?

It depends on what you mean by sport and it depends on who you ask. The president of the US sports channel ESPN, for example, said in an interview that eSports are not "real sports" but competitions. Like chess. On the other hand, in 2013, the U.S. government recognized professional players of League of Legends as professional athletes, allowing you to obtain residence permits as workers to play in the United States.

The world around League of Legends is certainly similar to the world of a sport. There are coaches, there are national championships, regional championships, leagues and, as we have seen, the world championships. Players work in teams (which have their own fans), train for hours and hours a week and can be exchanged between different teams. These aspects are not specific to League of Legends, many other eSports, many other video games, have created subcultures of this type. But League of Legends is bringing the phenomenon to its nth power, slowly encroaching on mass culture. And then, of course, there are the games. Viewed online and live by thousands of viewers (there will be a reason if Amazon has spent 970 million dollars to buy a platform that streams people who play video games).

Watching a League of Legends game is as difficult as watching a baseball or hockey game without knowing the rules and tactics. There are a lot of things that move but you have no idea why. This, for example, is the last game of the World Championship.

What are the Betting Odds?

When you bet online on sports events, the amount of the win, being good and lucky in formulating and going to get the prediction right, is proportional to a parameter that is called odds. But, for those who do not know, what is a share?

Well, the concept of quota is very simple to understand as it is an integer or decimal number that corresponds to the inverse of probability. Suppose, for example, you want to bet on the match Juventus-Milan for which the bookmakers, on the final result 1X2, assigns a probability out of two for the victory of Juventus, a probability out of three for the draw, and a probability out of five for the outside shot by the Rossoneri.

In that case, the betting operator will pay Juventus' win with an odds of 2, which corresponds to the inverse of 1/2=50%, i.e. one probability out of two. In the same way, the share for the draw will be equal to the inverse of 30%, or 3.33, while for the victory of Milan will be equal to the inverse of 20%, or the inverse of 1/5=20% which is equal to 5 times the bet. To understand what is the altitude, then, just do a small mathematical calculation as it applies the formula 1 divided by the probability of a bet outcome.

Each bookmaker, in setting the odds, on the one hand must make them attractive, and on the other must be such that the operator does not suffer losses at the end of each event. Not by chance, in antepost mode and even more so when the bets are live, the odds proposed by the online bookmaker tend to vary according to the growth or decrease in the amount of bets on a specific result.

How to choose a bookmaker

For betting, the choice of one bookmaker over another is important as the best online betting websites are never the same. Every web betting operator, in fact, aims to retain customers, and potential new bettors, with its own offer that is represented not only by the breadth of the schedule of sporting events on which to place bets, but also by bonuses, promotions and facilities that allow you to minimize spending and maximize the potential winnings.


To give you an idea, there are online bookmakers who offer a welcome bonus of up to $100 on the first reload, but also those who offer the welcome bonus up to a maximum of $500 and above. The comparison of the offer between the various bookmakers is therefore also a must because, just to give you a better idea, there are operators who, in addition to the welcome bonus, also offer the bonus without the obligation of deposit. In this case the bettor, by opening a gaming account, can start to place the first bets without spending a euro as it is the operator who offers the customer a small amount of money in order to aim to go straight to the checkout.

Furthermore, bonuses and promotions of betting operators are not static, but vary dynamically over time as they are usually limited in duration, after which the bookmaker can decide, as part of its marketing policies, to temporarily suspend promotions, or perhaps to start immediately other even more advantageous.

Usually with bookmakers on the web the best situation, to take full advantage of the bonuses, is to be a new customer, ie to open for the first time a gaming account by completing the online registration process from the operator's website and also you can read the blog offered to all including many guides and tips on betting systems.

To avoid searching one by one for the best online betting sites, on the web there are many specialized portals that take care of reviewing the top betting operators. To find them just use the Google search engine with phrases like 'best betting sites', 'best bookmakers list', 'best betting operators review' and so on.

Soccer bets

The idea of earning something simply by watching football matches is tempting to many, but you have to be careful and above all not proceed at random. It's a good idea to know about football - the sector you're aiming for - but also to know how to read statistics, odds and betting: all of these things we'll explain in this article. If you want a secure portal to bet on, we recommend, a site where you can place your bets safely and with respect for your privacy.

Football and odds

Betting on what is the most popular sport on Earth allows you to earn a lot of money, even if there is always the risk of getting the opposite effect, ending up on the slab (but here we talk about gambling addiction, and it is not the right time to talk about it).

However, football betting, is feasible in betting centers or on authorized web portals, but before you start playing you should know some details, such as game statistics, predictions and odds. Always remain aware, learning to understand when it is time to finish betting and to understand that you do not spend more than you can afford.

Having said that, let's start by talking about odds. These are values that allow you to calculate the yield of a win, and are represented by a number that multiplies the money you have bet.

So you have for example bet 100$ on Germany-France. Imagine now that you have bet on Germany, quoted at 1.5. If Germany wins, your profit will be $150 (or 1.5 times the $100 you bet).

The odds on the favorite teams are mostly less than 2, which means that betting on them you will have a net gain lower than you bet: it is in fact very easy to win bets, high odds but low gain.

Altitudes above 2 relate to teams underprivileged and therefore allow you to earn much more than you bet, but running higher risks. It's up to you to decide. All bookmakers offer different odds, so look for the best odds for the games you want to bet on.


To bet on international sites, or from places that are not in Italy, you will absolutely need to know what Moneylines are. That is, an alternative way of representing odds: these are numerical values indicated between hundreds and thousands, and always preceded by the sign "+" or the sign "-".

In case of a positive sign, the moneyline indicates how much you will earn by betting 100 $ (winning bets also recover the amount invested). In negative, it also means how much you will lose.

On the practical side, if you always bet $100 on a team quoted at +200, you will have a win of $300 (i.e. the return of the 100 plus the gain of the 200). Betting $100 on a team listed at -100 will win you $200 (ie the return of the 100 and a win of 100).